Computer-based Visualization of Architectural Cultural Heritage

Supporting digital capabilities of the higher education sector and stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices


We want to support digital capabilities of the higher education sector and stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices. The main specific objective of the project is to define applicative/practical guidelines and operational methodologies aimed at the study, the implementation, the visualization (including access), and the critical evaluation of the 3D models of artefacts that no longer exist or have never been built, in accordance with the Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage (UNESCO, 2003). The aim is to define a clear methodology for the creation and documentation of the CVCH model.


define standards

Define applicable standards (documentation) and methods and common language/understanding (glossary) for the construction/evaluation of 3D models CVCH (Computer-based Visualisation of Architectural Cultural Heritage).

create a

Create a Repository of 3D models of CH (infrastructure for applying the standards and methods).

disseminate knowledge

Disseminate the CoVHer ideas in the academic and public world of CH.


Workshop in Barcelona

Workshop in Barcelona Learning, teaching and training activities:COVHER, Barcelona Meeting,...